Posters spruce up any home, and our range consists of all the different kinds of styles, colours and sizes that you could want – there's something for all tastes. Take a look below to get some inspiration and to find the right posters for you and your home.

Do you want just one, large poster? What about a pair of smaller ones next to each other? Maybe you're trying to make a picture wall with a mixture of both large and small prints? Only you know.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 2548 products

    Contemporary posters & prints

    Time to update your home interior? Ready for a complete redecoration or are you just wanting to liven things up with a few new details? Whatever your needs, there is a lot you can do with the help of a few new posters and prints. Redecorating and updating your home should be fun and preferably not cost the earth. If you can create a whole new look and feel to your home with just a few small changes, then you’re on to a winner.

    Imagine an empty room with white walls, a completely blank canvas. You get to decide the feelings you want to create, and everything is possible. Imagine decorating the walls with a few posters of large, green leaves intertwined in a lush rainforest. In one of the trees sits an exotic bird whose feathers are all the colours of the rainbow, and a vine with small, dark green leaves winds its way up the trunk and along the branches. Can you smell the jungle? Now imagine taking down the jungle posters and hanging some black and white posters of urban cityscapes and skyscrapers. On the bustling street below, traffic halts to a standstill as smartly dressed commuters cross the road. Which room would you prefer to be in? A jungle, a busy city or somewhere else entirely?

    With this example, we wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to put a stamp on an entire room, all depending on what type of feelings you want to evoke. By allowing posters and prints to set the tone, it's so easy to replace with something different whenever you fancy a change.

    Perhaps you've already decided that a few new posters are exactly what you need but you need some help and inspiration? The types of image are of course subjective as everyone has individual tastes, but we've compiled our best tips to help you sort your thoughts when choosing an image.

    On our Instagram page @bgainspo you can see many inspiring photos shared by our customers. Who knows, in the future perhaps it will be your own pictures we will see there?

    4 stylish prints

    Add some colour to your life…

    Posters and prints are a really simple way to add a splash of colour to a room. Choose colours that work well with your walls and other decor if you want to create as harmonious a look as possible. Or if you want your posters to stand out and make a statement, choose bolder colours. Different colours stir up different feelings within us, for example red is known to catch our attention the fastest, perhaps because it is associated with danger. As a general rule, use red sparingly as it can easily dominate a whole room. Green, with its association with nature, often evokes feelings of calm and can also help our focus and concentration. Yellow makes us happy and sharpens our memory and imagination. For this reason, consider a few elements of yellow if it is your office or studio that you are decorating.

    It's possible to sort by colour when browsing our collections making it easy to find the exact colour you're after.

    …or do you see everything in black and white?

    Perhaps you already have enough colour in your home? Or maybe you definitely do not want lots of colour, instead preferring a more minimalist monochrome look? No problem, you can also sort to view only black and white posters. Combine different images to create variety and interest, or choose uniform images to convey feelings of calm and harmony.

    Technical diagrams?

    Were you fascinated by new inventions when growing up? Perhaps you dreamed of becoming a famous inventor? technical diagrams transport you back to your childhood dreams and fantasies. We have a large selection of drawings and diagrams to choose from - who cares that you weren't the inventor?

    Go on a journey - in your living room!

    Are you longing to travel the world? Do you dream of strolling down the streets of Paris? Or is it your childhood home that fills your dreams? Or perhaps you like to scan the globe on the hunt for your next holiday destination? In this collection we have maps of countries, towns and cities. Perhaps you love our landscape posters which also contain some informative text about the area you've chosen.

    Uniform or mix and match?

    Interior design is highly subjective, as we know. You might love something which another person cannot stand. It doesn't matter - the main thing is that your home is filled with styles you like. We have hundreds of posters and prints in many different styles and designs, so we are sure you will find something you love. Do you prefer a uniform look? If so, you could choose picture frames in the same colour. Or what about exclusively black and white posters? Another way to create unity is with a central theme, for example pictures of the sea, mountains or perhaps birds. Then you don't need to be restricted to a colour scheme but could mix black and white with different colours.

    Maybe you are the complete opposite and steer clear of any kind of order and uniformity? Just let your imagination run free and buy whatever takes your fancy from our collection of posters. Animals, nature, cities, cars, faces, maps and fashion photos - who said all of this can't be a cool combo?

    Maybe a gallery wall?

    Do you know what a gallery wall is? If not, continue reading... A gallery wall is when you combine many different paintings, posters or prints in a small space so that they work together as a whole. It's a popular way to display several different pictures you like. A gallery wall is an artwork in itself, making the viewer want to take a closer look at each individual picture.

    For the best result, we recommend that you frame your posters. In the following text, we work on the basis that the posters and prints are framed.

    There are no rules when it comes to creating a gallery wall, but there are certain things to bear in mind to get the best possible result.

    The first is if you want to avoid a completely random look, select uniform picture frames, especially if the images have different colours and styles.  If, on the other hand, the images are all very similar, there is more room to vary the picture frames without appearing too messy.

    Our next tip concerns the hanging or placement of pictures in relation to each other. Either you hang them randomly "by eye", or in a more organised way. For example, it's quite common to align the bottom edges or centres of the pictures so they are hung in a straight line.

    Designing a gallery wall should be fun and satisfying. Lay all the pictures out on the floor to try different layouts before hanging them on the wall.

    On our Instagram page @bgainspo you can find lots of examples of how our customers' own gallery walls look. Have a browse for some inspiration for your own.

    Personalised posters

    Have you been through our selection but still feel like you've not found exactly the right image? Maybe you want a unique poster that no one else has? If so then we think you'll like our personalised posters, because it's you who decides what should be on them. This also makes a perfect christening or wedding present. With over a hundred different designs to choose from, we know you will find the perfect poster for you.

    If you don't want to give a personalised poster away as a gift, they are also perfect to hang in your own home. Many of our customers choose to write their child's name and date of birth on a poster to hang in their child's bedroom. Another great alternative is a family portrait where there is space for the whole family. Who doesn't like to see their own name in a frame on the wall, surrounded by all those that they love most?

    Find your favourite amongst our personalised posters

    A word says more than a thousand pictures

    ...or how does the saying go? Sometimes, people want to express something with words instead of an image - even when it comes to a picture on the wall. In which case, our quotes and sayings posters are the ideal choice. Here you can choose between hundreds of quotes and thought-provoking words. Are you someone who can never remember what the washing symbols mean on your clothes labels? Buy a poster with these to hang up by your washing machine! Or decorate your walls with motivational words you want to be reminded of. Our quotes and sayings posters are available in many different sizes, colours and styles, so have a browse through our collection to find your favourite.

    Allow your posters to come into their own with an attractive photo frame

    Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the type of poster you are after. Regardless of the image, the size and the colour, your poster will look more finished if you frame it. It will look more stylish and be easier to hang too.

    In our collection you will find many photo frames in all sorts of colours, styles, sizes and materials. Choose a classic, minimalist picture frame for a subtle look, or a more ornate design for that painting you really want to stand out and make an impact.

    If you do not want to frame your poster but still want to hang it on the wall without using tape or blue tack, maybe our poster hanger could be a good alternative? Even these are available in several colours and designs.