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If you fancy a slightly more unusual image, then our posters with patent drawings are a good idea. We have lots of different kinds, so it'll be easy for you to find one which suits your interests, or your style. What about a patent drawing of the Batmobile? A corset? Maybe you want one with Barbie? All you need to do is choose your favourite.

Posters with patent drawings work well alone in a picture frame on the wall or together with other pictures on a picture wall – place them just as you like to so that your home is as "you" as possible.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 177 products

    Decorative patent prints

    Today, there is wealth of choice in all sorts of products and people are generally able to find exactly what they are after, no matter what they are shopping for. At BGA, you are more than likely to find what you're looking for, one way or another, regardless of your preferences and whether your interior style is unusual or mainstream. We have, for example, both posters with patent drawings and other great little things to offer. Quite simply, we have something for everyone!

    There are no rules in interior design!

    We have lots of gorgeous posters and a category that we know appeals to a lot of you are the ones with motifs of patent drawings. If those particular posters are not really your thing, then we have many other categories that you can look through. We keep to our word: there is something for each and everyone in our assortment!

    Our motto is that you all should be able to decorate your homes with things you like. That's why we have posters with all imaginable kinds of prints. Surely, we all like to have posters with motifs that are reflections of our personality and interests? We think so, anyway!

    Don't feel restricted by some old-fashion principles for home decoration. Instead, trust your gut and mix both patent prints, flowers and other motifs that you like to lay your eyes on. Dare to think outside the box. That's when home decoration becomes really exciting!

    Patent drawings on the wall? Yes, why not?!

    Are you not really used to these kinds of motifs? We get it. They are not the most common ones when it comes to posters and prints. We just think it's an opportunity to be different and they make for a really interesting theme for your empty wall at home!

    You can never go wrong with some intriguing prints on your walls, particularly today when picture walls have become highly popular. To freely mix different motifs on one and the same wall makes for amazing contrasts that look absolutely gorgeous! You want the images to stand out, which they do when you have other contrasting motifs in the mix.

    A new room with small changes!

    As you can see, our posters are really affordable! With these prices, you can spoil yourself and buy a few without blowing your budget completely, which is great! Whether you fall for posters with patent drawings or some other motifs, you can pick and choose for a very reasonable cost. Pretty amazing, right?

    To find the best mix of posters, we suggest you take the time to browse through what we have on offer. You will soon realise that you actually have some empty spots at home where our posters will work wonders to lift the ambience! We can honestly say, and guarantee, that it's both fun and easy to refresh you home with a few of our posters. The fact that it can be done at really reasonable prices is even better! Another thing we'd like to suggest is that, before you decide that your home needs a renovation, buy and frame a few posters and mount them on the walls at home. Quite often, a picture wall with smartly framed posters is all it takes to give a new refreshed and interesting look to a room. It is much smarter to start out that way rather than investing in new furniture and changing the wallpaper as that may turn out to be completely unnecessary!

    Mostly black and white patent posters

    Like so many other of our posters, the patent posters are mainly in black and white. We have, of course, a lot of colourful posters as well, but when it comes to this category you will mainly find them in black and white.

    So, you can absolutely buy some of these and mix them with other posters with more colour. It will be perfect and look great. If you prefer only black and white then that's not a problem. You just stick to this category and choose a variety of prints. Or, you can mix the patent posters with other posters with other motifs from our range!

    A smart image!

    There's something special with patent drawings, don't you think? Surely, your personal image appears a little smarter if you choose a patent poster for the office instead of a flower print? We dare to say you agree!

    You can create certain sentiments or atmospheres by the style of posters you select and this may be different for your home, your office and elsewhere. If you want to create a sense of "being wise as an owl", then you should try to find posters from this category. Just get started and pick the ones you like best!

    Let us inspire you!

    We just want you to be aware of how you, right here in the store, can get a visualised impression of a poster in a home environment. When you click on the item you are interested in, a visual image will appear. That image is an example of what the poster looks like "in real life", which makes it much easier for you to visualise what it will look like in your home after mounting it on the wall.

    As you know, we want to simplify things for you and this is just one example of how we can help you choose the right poster!

    Check out our picture frames at the same time!

    We know that many of you love having framed posters, whether it be patent posters or other motifs. The great thing is that we sell both picture frames and posters! In other words, you can buy both posters and picture frames here when you're at it anyway. It's always great to save both time and energy by shopping from one and the same store, so be our guest!

    Coca-Cola, or perhaps Barbie or is it something else that you will fall for?

    Here you will find our fantastic patent drawings on prints and posters in several different formats. The motives are from US patent applications granted from the 1800s to the 1990s. That they are fascinating is an understatement! What do you think of decorating a wall with the famous corset, the Barbie doll the way she looked like at the very beginning, or the iconic Coca Cola bottle? Not to mention the beautiful drawings we have of Andrew Clayton's sewing machine designed in the 40's or Christopher Sholes advanced typewriter! With the often very detailed motifs on the wall, you get the sense of travelling back in time. You can almost see the inventor or designer working on his or her new invention.

    A picture tells a thousand words and a patent drawing tells even more! We are very happy to be able to offer our customers a great variety of different beautiful prints with motifs that make us nostalgic or want to understand what life way like once upon a time.

    When you frame a drawing and then place it on a desk or mount it on the wall, you get an interesting image that exudes vintage. Since all motifs are in black and white, they are easily matched with frames that looks gorgeous in your home. Choose pastel-coloured picture frames for a cosy retro feel, black because it always works or gold for an extra stylish touch. If your personality is vibrant, you may want to go for a colourful picture frame.

    Most motifs hold some exciting information such as the date when the patent application was filed, the date it was approved and the patent number itself. Some includes the inventor's or designer's name and various signatures from lawyers and witnesses. Some of our patent drawings also include descriptive text where the inventor spells out what is unique about their invention and how it is supposed to be used. Few posters offer such fascinating insights as patent drawings do.

    Take a look at one of our beautiful drawings and evoke a past age. Can you see the inventor or designer as he or she frowns their forehead and slowly begins to sketch their idea. The person ponders how an existing invention can be improved, what is lacking in society or how a toy should be made as amusing as possible for a small child. Perhaps he or she is creating a completely new cartoon character! After a lot of hard work, the product is finally ready and the proud creator excitedly submits the patent drawing to the patent office. Now it's just a matter of waiting and hoping that no one else has come up with this great idea.

    A picture wall made of patent drawings

    Many of the drawings come in complete series of which you can create a really unique picture wall. You can, for example, see the product in several different designs, from different angles or as a cross-section where every detail and function is displayed. Exciting! The posters are perfect wall decorations for anyone who likes history, nostalgia and beautiful drawings. A great idea is to give them away as presents. They are highly appreciated gifts, we promise! Imagine a friend who loves sawing and their face when they receive a patent poster with a fancy old sewing machine!

    Are you after a patent drawing that you can't find in our assortment? Please do not hesitate to contact our skilled customer services team! Providing personal service is important to us and we want you to be really happy with your purchase.