BGA’s privacy policy

We value your privacy, and believe that it is important for you to be made aware of the rules that apply.
This privacy policy has effect when we (BGA Group AB, org. nr. 556790-9204) supply services and products in connection with your purchase, during customer service cases and other contact, as well as visits to our website.

1. What is personal data?
Personal data is all information which in any way can be used to identify a physical person. For example, name, pictures, IP-numbers etc., if they can be connected to a physical person.

Handling of personal information - everything that happens with personal information (collection, updating etc.).

2. Which personal information does BGA collect, and why?
2.1 In the customer directory (Storage time: 7 years as per Swedish Accounting Law)
- Name, address, identity number, organisation number, telephone number as well as email address
- Geographical information
- IP-address, device information, log information
- Order list
- Any quotes can contain personal information

2.2 In the order directory (Storage time: 7 years as per Swedish Accounting Law)
- Customer number
- Name, address, telephone number as well as email address (note that both delivery address and billing address can be included)
- Geographical information
- IP-address, device information
- Payment reference
- Purchased products
- Any quotes can contain personal information

2.3 We only collect personal data which is necessary in order to fulfil our obligation to you as the customer and to supply our services and offers, such as receiving and handling your order and deliver the product to you in a reliable way.
Legal basis: The agreement between you as a customer and BGA in a completed purchase.

2.4 In order to deliver an experience of our products and services which is adapted for you (for example, product recommendations of accessories for products you have viewed).
Legal basis: Legitimate interests.

2.5 To make it easier for you to use our web shop (for example, through saving your favourites, or reminding you about forgotten/abandoned digital shopping carts).
Legal basis: Legitimate interests.

2.6 To be able to correctly find and answer questions about your order, correct your information or answer other order-related questions when you contact our customer services.
Legal basis: The agreement between you as a customer and BGA in a completed purchase.

2.7 To send newsletters with information and offers to you, if you actively choose to receive newsletters.
Legal basis: Consent.

You always have the right to know which information is stored about you, as well as to have it deleted (if there are no statutory reasons that we must retain them, for example Swedish Accounting Law).

3. How long is your personal data retained?
We only retain your information as long as is necessary for the purpose in question, or as long as a product or service guarantee lasts, but never for longer than it takes to complete our obligation to you.

4. Who is given access to your data?
Apart from BGA, the following companies have access to your information:
- The deliverer for our web shop (Kodmyran AB).
- The company which manages your payment (Klarna).
- The delivery company which delivers your product to you (DHL).
- The company which collects information about which products you have clicked on, in order to be able to show you suggestions about similar and complementary products, which may be of interest to you (Nosto).
- The service we use to send newsletters to you, if you have chosen to receive them (Rule).
We never lend or sell your personal information to other companies or private individuals, and you always have the right to know which companies apart from BGA process your information (for example, which delivery company).
We may disclose personal data if it is necessary to comply with a law or a request from an authority, in order to safeguard our legal concerns or to identify, prevent or flag up fraud and other security or technical problems.

5. Your rights:
- The right to request extracts of records
- The right to get your information corrected if it is inaccurate
- The right to be forgotten / deleted from the records
- The right to data portability (i.e., extracting your information so that you can disclose it elsewhere).
- The right to object to processing that is based on legitimate interests.
- The right to withdraw your consent to data processing for which you have previously actively given consent (for example, newsletters).
- The right to make any complaints about handling of your personal information to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

6. How do we protect your data?
The systems we use to process your personal data have all taken special measures to protect your information against unlawful or unauthorised access, and follow the new GDPR law.