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What are the differences between different album types?

Finding the right type of album for your pictures isn't always so simple. In our range, you'll find four types of album depending on what is suitable for you.

Photo pockets

A simple album where you place your pictures in transparent photo pockets, and don't have to deal with sticking your pictures in the album. Many of the albums also have space for notes next to every picture. The disadvantage is that all pictures must be the same size, and you can't be as creative when you create your album. In our range, there are albums with photo pockets for the following picture formats: 9x13, 10x10, 10x15, 11x15, 13x18, 15x15, 15x20, Polaroid & Instax mini.

Glue in yourself

In these albums, you stick the pictures in yourself. It is, therefore, perfect for when you have different sizes of picture and want to create your album exactly as you envision it. You stick the pictures in with glue or any of our other mounting accessories.


Lift up the protective plastic, place your pictures, lay the transparent plastic back, and you are done. It couldn't get any easier! Perfect when you have different sizes of pictures and maybe even newspaper cuttings or such that you want to fix on the page. The downside is that you can't write on the pages like you can in most of the other album types.

Ring binders

Ring binders are perfect when you want to vary the picture size and even when you want to vary between photo pockets and album sheets where you stick in photos yourself. You complete the album with album sheets that you simply add yourself according to your wishes.