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Frame drawings and other paintings stylishly at home! Maybe it's your child’s first drawing or painting you want to display? In our range, you'll find artwork storage frames in a selection of different colours and styles, so you can easily find the drawing frame that best suits your paintings!

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    Showing 5 products

    My Little Davinci/Li'l Davinci

    My DavinciThere are so many type of picture frames and what is great about that is that everyone can find a good frame that suits their own style. With My Little Davinci or Li'l Davinci as it is also called, everyone with young kids has the perfect solution! We have this picture frame in A4 black, A4 white, A4 wood and A3 black and A3 white. Easy to find what suits you best, so to say!

    The reason why this frame is so good for families with children is that the frame is intended to be used for children's drawings. With this type of amazing design, the drawings get the focus they deserve. Children's drawings are little treasures, we're sure you agree!

    Since the picture frame is referred to as both My Little Davinci and Li'l Davinci it is easy to get a little confused, but it is the same frame, just different names for one and the same product. Just so that you know!

    Nice and smart storage!

    These frames are not only nice to look at, or a great way to frame the children's drawings, they are also great for smart storage. We know that many of you agree it can be difficult to know where to keep all the nice drawings the children make, right? Yes that's the way it is. The kid's are mass producers of art and you don't want to discard any of their work.

    My Little Davinci, or Li'l Davinci, is your perfect solution! You can store up to 50 drawings inside the frame itself! It is a fantastic solution and everyone who has got one of those is really happy with it. We guarantee that you and your family will like it as much as everyone else!

    With this smart feature, you can put the newest drawing in front of the others so that they are, so to say, stacked on top of each other - or in front of each other. That makes for an interesting way to look at the drawings from a time perspective.

    Different sizes and different colours for different homes

    As mentioned above, we have these wonderful picture frames in both A3 and A4. There is thus a Little Davinci or Li'l Davinci in A4 black, A4 white, A4 wood and A3 black and A3 white. You can either mix the various sizes or have many in the same size.

    Maybe you have more than one child and thus need one of these picture frames for each child? Yes, go for it! Then you can either hang them next to each other in the kitchen or similar, or you can hang a Little Davinci or Li'l Davinci in each of your children's own room.

    Wherever way you decide to place the picture frame, or the frames, it will be a nice and practical solution! Some like A4 while others prefer A3 and the same goes for the colours. Some like black, others wood and yet others think white is the nicest option. Fortunately, we sell all alternatives, so just choose what you think is the most beautiful!

    An amazing interior design item that boosts the entire home to new heights!

    This is the kind of frame that not only serves a certain purpose, but it is also adds emphasis to the aesthetics of the home. With a nice frame like Little Davinci or Li'l Davinci you have an item in the home that "pops" out from the wall in a way that makes it exciting to be in that room. It's quite unique to get such an effect when you buy a practical solution for your children's drawings, right?

    Which one do you like? Will it be A4 black, A4 white, A4 wood and A3 black, or A3 white? Are you buying a combination of different ones? Will you buy different frames for your children? There are many different choices, but one thing is for sure and that is that whatever you choose, you will have a picture frame in your home that emphasise the aesthetics of whatever room you place them in!

    Not only for drawings

    Little Davinci or Little Davinci, can be used not only for drawings, but you can also use the frame for pictures you have printed out for example. The cool thing with this picture frame is that you can "fill it" with 50 drawings, pictures or other works. straight away and then, when you feel like it, change the pictures. You simply take out the top picture and place it at the bottom of the pile, or you remove it and replace it with new ones. Smart, right?

    These type of smart picture frames makes for an ever changing impression in the room at home. Whenever you want to lay your eyes on something new, simply change the picture. We think this is a super smart idea!