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Below you can find all our products for hanging up your picture frames. We offer both practical classics such as picture hangers, and new, fresh, modern items such as magnetic photo ropes and more.

Take a look at our range below – you'll find what you need to hang up your pictures practically and aesthetically. All you need to do is choose the design which speaks to you.

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    Wood Screw TFXH 4.0x30 mm hard galvanised steel 19-pack

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    Hanging for any type of wall

    You will find different options for picture hanging here in our store. No matter what the situation is where you plan to hang your painting, we have a solution that is just right for your wall. If you make sure to use the right picture hanging option, then you can be confident your paintings and pictures will not crash to the floor. There are a whole host of different picture hanging options depending on the wall, the weight of the painting and of course your personal preferences. You may not want to drill holes in your wall. Perhaps you are a tenant and thus restricted to what you can do, or you may wish to hang a picture on a wall that is impossible to drill into. Not to worry, we have a solution for all problems!

    Choosing the right picture hanging method is easy!

    Decorating the walls at home or work with paintings or pictures is a quick way to add some fun and inspiration to a space where you spend a lot of time. It's important however, to ensure the pictures get mounted safely and properly so make sure to find the right type of picture hanging method. So what should you choose? There are many different options but it does not have to be that hard to choose the right option for your particular wall. If you need more information, please check out our more in-depth guides where we tell you more about picture hanging on different types of walls!

    What should I consider before I start my picture hanging project?

    Make sure to gather all supplies you need before you start and thus avoid having to stop to get some missing tools. Carefully measure where the painting or picture should be placed and make a small mark with a pencil on the wall, making it easy to see exactly where to hang the picture. It's a good idea to use a spirit level and thus to ensure everything is neat and straight.

    Hanging pictures on concrete walls

    Concrete walls are not the easiest type of wall to hang pictures and paintings on as they usually require more work than other types of walls. However, it does not have to be as difficult as it looks. By using the right type of picture hanging method for your particular concrete wall and painting, you can ensure to mount it properly and not having to worry about it falling down. Your artwork will be fixed properly for as long as you want it there!

    If your pictures and paintings are light in weight and of smaller sizes, then a so-called concrete or plastic picture hook is all you need. A plastic picture hook is a small plastic hook with thin nails that are driven into the concrete wall with a hammer. The picture hooks are available in several different sizes, with different hook dimensions depending on your painting or picture. There is no need to drill holes into the concrete wall when you use a picture hook and the nails make only very small holes in the wall. The only tool you need is a hammer.

    If your painting is heavy, however, a normal picture hook is probably not going to be strong enough to bear the weight. In this situation, you will need to drill a hole in the concrete wall and use a plug and a screw to securely hang your picture on the wall. It's a little unfortunate to have to drill a whole in the wall but at least you will not need to worry that your painting will crash down to the floor.

    Hanging pictures on plasterboard walls

    Plasterboards in interior walls are becoming increasingly common, perhaps because they are made of a fireproof, flexible and sound-insulating material. Hanging paintings on a plasterboard wall may seem tricky, as the boards are usually no thicker than 13 mm. You may think that the picture you're hanging is going to be too heavy for the porous plasterboard. But it is very safe with the right type of picture hook and it can actually take quite some load.

    If your pictures and paintings are small in size and light then we recommend you use a so-called X-hook. An X-hook can hold a load of up to 5 kilos, which is enough for most paintings. The X-hook is available in several different sizes and comes with nails that you drive diagonally down into the wall. This way, you can ensure that your picture hanging will withstand higher loads. You can also use two X-hooks and thus distribute the weight evenly over the two, just to be safe. The holes in the plasterboard are really very tiny and drilling is not required.

    If, on the other hand, you are hanging heavier paintings, a screw and plug are recommended as it generally can handle loads of around 10 kilos. You wouldn't want to be left worried that your painting will fall down. There are different types of screws and plugs for plasterboards, and they all work really well. The only exception is if you are going to hang something really heavy, then we recommend a picture hook with a metal expander. Using screw and plug means you need to drill a hole in the wall, a hole that will be fairly big, but it is the safer option to hang a heavy painting or picture on a plasterboard wall.

    Hanging pictures without holes

    You may find yourself in a situation where you do not want to or are prohibited from holes in the wall. Maybe you are a tenant and not allowed to drill holes in the walls or you simply don't want to. No stress, there are smart options for hanging pictures without making any holes in the walls!

    We sell two different systems for hanging paintings without holes. One system comes from 3M Command and uses strong Velcro straps and the other alternative is a self-adhesive hooks from Tesa. The Tesa-hooks can take up to 2 kilos of load (per hook), while the picture hooks from Command comes in several different widths and sizes and can be combined to handle up to 5.4 kilos of load.

    The adjustable and self-adhesive hook from Tesa is a picture hook that attaches to the wall with double-sided adhesive strips. It then has an adjustable hook that makes it easier for you to adjust the picture into the exact right height. This picture hook is specifically designed for more sensitive surfaces such as wallpaper and plasterboards.

    The picture hook from 3M Command is a hanging solution with self-adhesive Velcro that is glued to the wall and frame. This picture hanging solution is suitable for walls you don't want to drill holes in, but does not work on damaged or wallpapered walls. In those situations Tesa's self-adhesive hooks work better.

    Choose the picture hanging method that best suits your walls and don't forget to follow the instructions. This way, you have a safe solution and can feel assured your paintings are mounted securely without risking crashing to the floor.

    Having a hard time knowing what to choose?

    Choosing the right picture hanging solution can be confusing, even after having read some guidelines on the topic. If you are unsure of which solution to choose for your wall, do not hesitate to ask one of our helpful team members or learn more from our more detailed guides. We are happy to guide you and help you find the right option - all to ensure your home or workplace is a comfortable place that you enjoy spending time in!