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Do you like vintage and retro in your decor? We do too – take a look at what we have to offer with posters in those categories below. You'll find a lot to choose from – all so that there's something that catches your eye.

Our vintage posters and retro posters are available in black and white, pastel colours, understated or strong colours. There are prints with insects, fruit, cameras, balloons and a whole load of other things. Choose your favourites and put them together on a wall, or place them separately. Any of the two will look great.

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    Showing 22 products
    Showing 22 products

    Vintage posters for home decoration

    Retro posters are always appealing and come with an enormous range of choice for any taste! We have vintage posters in many different styles with beautiful motifs and we are pretty sure that you all will find at least one that blends in seamlessly with your home decor.

    Have a look through our selection and choose your favourites. Be prepared, there are many examples that you simply want to have, and that's because we only carry the very best selection of posters!

    Mix and match

    The best part is that many of our posters match each other really well, even if they are not from the same series. We're not saying you have to match all posters and prints on your walls, but if you like matching things then you can do so very easily. It's all up to you. We have such a broad range to choose from that all options are possible.

    It is important for us to have an assortment that offers something for everyone. No matter if you like black and white, pretty pastels, or a more elegant style, you can always be sure to find it here! Mix vintage prints with more modern styles and match it with the rest of your decor. It's always fun when there is something distinctive in your home decor!

    Not only is it exciting to mix and match different motifs, it also makes for special effects if you buy posters in different sizes. Some motifs look better in a larger format while others look better in a smaller format. What you think looks good and what you feel boosts the ambience in your home is obviously very personal and entirely up to you!

    Click on our vintage posters to view the images in a home environment. It has been important for us to be able to include these images and thus provide a quick impression of how the posters you like will appear when placed in a furnished room.

    Decorate with vintage posters

    Vintage prints, or retro posters, is a kind of decor that changes the characteristics of a room in a very appealing way! It's funny really, that such a small change can make a room feel completely new, don't you think? With the right image, the whole impression of the room feels fresh and modern.

    It would be a big mistake to think that vintage style posters would contribute to an outdated feel to the room. It's rather the opposite! Charming retro images are exactly what you should look for to spice things up in a room!

    Keep in mind that we have oodles of posters in many different categories. Posters that we have categorised as ”vintage” / ”retro” are far from all of the posters that ooze this impression. Browse through the assortment to find the vintage motifs that you like. As an example, many of the floral posters in our assortment can as well be considered as retro posters although we have classified them as something else. Just saying!

    Picture wall

    Are you hooked on the idea of a picture wall yet? It is a trend that's really worthy of some attention. It really looks great and what's awesome is that anyone can create a picture wall. They blend in well everywhere as you can tailor the motifs and picture frames, sizes, colours and so on to create a personalised touch. This is a trend that anyone can jump on!

    It's very inspiring to create a picture wall. So, although you might think you're not a creative person normally, you will be surprised by what you can achieve! The way we do things is highly personal and individual and this is also true when it comes to creating a picture wall. There are no rules for how to create a picture wall. Don't feel restricted! Just go with the flow and follow your creativity. It's a lot more fun that way!

    Our best tip is to place the posters you've selected either on the bed, on the floor or on a large table. That makes it a lot easier to get an overview of how they balance each other and how you best mount them together on the wall. It is up to you to decide how they should be placed and to create the best possible arrangement. It may take a while and you should expect to rearrange the posters quite a few times before you find the right way, but it's fun!

    Inexpensive and stylish!

    Buying posters from our store is both easy and affordable. In addition and as you can see, we have a fabulous assortment that we are not shy to brag about! When you buy posters for your home, you can spice up a room and make it look really cool without having to rob the bank. Don't you just love it?

    Our retro posters and vintage prints seem to shout out "come and buy me" and once you have decided which ones are "you", your walls will be transformed to pure awesomeness!

    We love that our retro posters and vintage prints can lighten up a room without you having to burst your budget. Being able to rejuvenate our homes with only small means is wonderful and we all deserve to have that possibility, right?!

    Purchase some picture frames while you're in the store

    We sell picture frames too! It's a good idea to buy picture frames at the same time as you buy the posters. If you want frames, that is. If you are creating a picture wall then it's fabulous if you can buy the frames at the same time. However if you are just after some new posters for your place, then you might not need the picture frames. Go with your intentions. It's up to you!

    Style your home with vintage touches

    Add character to the walls with charming posters that ooze retro style! We have a range of fantastic motifs that fit perfectly into a vintage decorated home. How about, for example, architectural drawings of old lighthouses on a dark background, patent drawings of famous old inventions, educational posters and all sorts of graphic images in wonderful fonts that takes you back to the good old days? 

    Start dreaming your way back to decades from the past as you scroll down through our range! Needless to say, you will find both contemporary picture frames and frames with a shabby chic look that enhances the look of the posters in different ways.

    Vintage refers to beautiful things made in the past, while retro are newly designed things that are inspired by these vintage products. Our posters are all newly made but they are inspired by old fonts, shapes and designs. Some are reprints of vintage posters, images or drawings. The motifs fit perfectly with the style of a conscious interior designer who knows what ambience he or she wants in their home. 

    If you decide to go for vintage, you have every possibility to create a really nice interior in several ways. Either you go the full monty and buy antique furniture and cool retro posters or you can decide to mix new and old for a wonderful balanced result. For example, our vintage and retro posters look super nice against a modern wall in pastel colours, white or turquoise. Throw in some textiles with modern graphic patterns and a few chrome objects and - Voilà!

    The right picture frame for the right poster

    So, what should one consider when framing retro and vintage posters? This is of course a matter of personal taste, but if you want to an effective solution then you should match the style of the picture frame with the motif of poster. For example, a black picture frame almost always looks good on a poster with a light background. And a white picture frame goes with a darker background. A poster with a black and white design is easy to combine with a more colourful picture frame or an elegant one in gold or silver. Add to the room individual interior ornaments in the same colour and you're done!

    Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our skilled customer services team! Providing personal service is important to us and we want you to be really happy with your purchase.