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Below you can find all our botanical posters and we have them with plants in all styles imaginable – retro, romantic, kitsch, modern and simple, trendy and hip. All you need to do is choose the ones which you fall for. Maybe it'll be several designs for different rooms in your home? Why not?

It's nice to mix several plant posters on the same wall, but they also work very well alone. Take a look below and choose your favourites. Will you have one with or without a picture frame? What type of picture frame and hangers? Only you know.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 304 products
    Showing 1 - 100 of 304 products

    Botanical posters

    Our fantastic postershave helped you bring striking and beautiful works to your home. We know how satisfying it is to hang the perfect poster and really add something to a space. We know that botanical posters really connect with people and make their homes come alive and this makes our work at BGA a pleasure.

    Naturally, we have a great range of delightful posters of plants and flowers, because we know that many of you prefer these pictures. We have invested heavily in delivering for this category, so that everyone can find their favourite, so all that's left for you is to have a look around and pick up what you like!

    Here are all conceivable plants and flowers!

    Excited for posters with retro feel? Then you have come to the right place! Of course, we have that in our range! Fancy a modern poster where flowers or plants are more trendy and hip? Even then, you have come to the right place, because of course we have that too! Do you feel that you want to go for a stylish and fresh feeling when it comes to your items with greenery? Go for it! Just select one of the posters we have with that theme within this category.

    We think it's important to be able to offer many different styles and many different products so that you can all find something that you like. You can see this reflected in our range, both among our botanical posters as well as other pictures. It's simply wonderful for us to be able to invite you into our world full of beautiful, cool, trendy, classic and stylish posters. Here is something for everyone!

    Create a flowering picture wall!

    If there's one thing that our posters can do, it's to fix your walls to perfection! We know that many people today like to create picture walls, and what could be more beautiful than a picture wall with flowers and green plants as a theme? Not much, if you ask us!

    What's so fun about picture walls is that they fit everywhere. Everyone can have a picture wall at home, but of course, we all like different things and therefore create different types of picture walls. Maybe you like to make sure that there's a picture wall that takes up one of the larger walls at home? Maybe you like to spruce your smaller walls? No matter which it is, there are posters that will fit here in our store!

    If you there's too much empty space at home and want to add a bit more life, picture with plants and flowers as a theme are the perfect choice. Not only is it beautiful to look at in general, there are so many different nuances that can create a dynamic that only this type of motif can do. Get inspired and remember to also buy some new potted plants to place together with your picture wall. It's going to be top notch, that!

    Difficult to find inspiration?

    If you've ended up here with us because you lack the inspiration you need to decorate your house, you're in luck! It's very easy to be inspired here with us! It's not only the products we sell that serve as inspiration, but also by being able to check what a poster looks like when it's hung on a wall.

    To be able to see what it looks like when these botanical posters are hung, just click on the posters that you're interested in. Then a picture comes up of what it might look like after you have hung that particular poster on a wall. We have done this to make it easier for you to quickly look for what you think of a print when it's hung on a wall. Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine what it will look like in "reality", which is why we recommend looking at these pictures.

    Maybe a picture frame too?

    Sometimes you want a nice photo frame for your poster, and you can easily choose one of all the nice variants that we have here with us. You can choose between black, white, different types of wood, gold, silver and more. We offer a really wonderful mix of frames that fit our equally wonderful posters!

    Three interior design tips

    Make the home more alive with beautiful picture motifs depicting flowers, green plants and black and white works of art taken from nature! Our botanical posters create a dynamic feeling on the wall and they remind you of the little wonders that grow and flourish around the world. If you want to make a complete picture of your posters, you will find picture frames in all possible sizes and colours in our large assortment.

    Botanical pictures with motifs in green will be extra nice if you complement them with various decor components that capture the same nuances and tie the whole together. For example, you can place live green plants in the room or hang green-patterned rugs on the sofa.  

    It's easy to create a living feeling in the house with the help of decor that brings to mind botanical gardens and wild plants. How should you reason in order to get the atmosphere that suits you? Here are three options that always work:

    Nature as an artist: If you like simple and stylish decor, you can choose black and white botanical pictures that you place in poster hangers in natural colours or picture frames in black, white or silver-coloured frames. If you want to make your pictures a little more vivid, you can choose bright green frames and still keep the stylish feeling. Match the pictures with pieces of decor in black, white, silver and bright green. It will be especially nice if you run on textiles that have patterns taken from nature. Annual rings from trees, black leaf prints against a white background and branch patterns fit perfectly!

    Green is beautiful: A room is easily spruced up with bright green details in the form of nice colour posters with motifs of plants. Supplement them with a matching green picture frame or a thin picture frame in black. Alternatively, you can hang your botanical posters with white ropes, which you then place on an all-white or green wall. When it comes to other decor, it's quite easy to find matching items. Acquire green plants, green-patterned white textiles, bright green sofa cushions and matching candles and you will see that you have created a lively and wonderful environment!

    Floral and romantic: Do you like sweet floral patterns and shades of pink? Then you have a simple task in front of you! Choose nice poster motifs depicting, for example, lotus buds and pink roses. Frame them in gold-coloured picture frames or run on light green for a nice match. Then it's just a matter of supplementing with flower-patterned textiles in pink and green, as well as various interior components in pink, white, green and possibly gold to create a uniform interior.

    Do you have questions? Don't hesitate to contact our skilled customer service! We make sure that you receive a personal treatment and are satisfied with your purchase.