Posters with people as subjects


Portrait posters are both cool and tasteful, and there's something for everybody. Do you like prints with a romantic style? Trendy and cool style? An image with a message? Something completely different? Take a look at our range below. We have posters of people in all styles imaginable – everything so that you can find the image which works for you.

It can look really good to mix together several different portrait posters on the same wall. You can even mix in different types of images – it's you who decides how you want to show off your posters.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 130 products
    Showing 1 - 100 of 130 products

    Portraits and images of people

    Amongst our portraits and images of people, you can find many different attractive posters. Here, it's easy to become overwhelmed by just how much beauty can be hung on your walls. Why be reserved and modest with your choices when you can go a bit wild and buy all sorts of different portraits? Don't be shy!

    We have both classic portraits, contemporary designs and trendy images where different people play the starring role. Many of these prints are black and white, but we also have some colour prints too, so it's very easy to find a colour scheme perfect for you.

    Many different emotions are conveyed

    When it comes to these kinds of images and prints, we are often moved in a way that does not happen with pictures of animals, for example. We naturally identify with other humans, so it's no surprise that we find such images so emotive.

    With this in mind, you should of course choose an image that speaks to you in the right way. You may think an image looks stylish and cool, and yet at the same time makes you feel a bit uneasy. Or a portrait which shows autumn leaves in someone's hair. If you're not a fan of autumn, maybe it's not the best choice for you, even if you really like everything else about the portrait.

    Think carefully about the kind of emotions you'd like the poster to stir in you, which will help you decide whether to buy it or not. We have so many different styles, it's not difficult to find a poster with a human image that you instantly love. There is something for everyone!

    Trendy or more classic?

    It's not only the feeling a poster gives you, but you should also consider whether you want a trendy or more classic style of image. We have both and are constantly updating our selection, which means you can always find what you're looking for, so have a browse to find out what your home is missing.

    We fall for some trends instantly, whereas others do not interest us at all. This means that we often end up buying a combination of fashionable and more classic styles. Many people chose to buy more expensive "classic" pieces for their wardrobe, and then mix them with some fashionable items. It's smart to do the same with posters, and you can choose yourself which classic posters to have, and which trendier pieces you want.

    Buy several, or just one?

    Depending on where in your home you plan to hang your posters, it often looks striking to display several posters next to each other. In some instances, it can look great to have a whole gallery wall, but in others, a single poster can look stunning on its own. Lots of factors play a role here, such as the size of the wall, the size of the home, the dimensions of the poster, and so on.

    If you plan on buying several different posters to hang next to each other, our best tip is to lay them out on the floor before you hang them up. It's a great way to see how they will look when displayed, without hammering lots of nails into the wall.

    When you lay them all out, you can move them around to find the best layout. You may find that the posters you plan to hang next to each other would look even better with something else between them.

    What size should I choose?

    This is really a matter of individual taste, as some of us love huge posters, and others prefer smaller versions. Whatever you like best, we have the right portrait for you. We have so many different designs that look just as great in both large and small sizes, so you will without doubt find the perfect poster for you.

    Does one particular poster call out to you more than the rest? Why not buy the same poster in different sizes to hang up next to each other? This could produce a really unusual and yet stunning effect, and it's never wrong to do something unique with your home interior!

    To frame or not to frame?

    Now let's talk about picture frames. Is this something you should buy, or skip? The answer is of course different depending on who is asking, as it's purely a matter of personal taste. A picture frame always gives a more "dressed" look than an unframed poster. But whether you like that or not is down to you. We all have different opinions about everything, posters being no exception.