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Posters with maps and city maps are always cool when you can choose which one works just for you. Do you want a classic, aesthetic world map? A map of a smaller Swedish city such as Karlstad or Borlänge? Maybe some of your favourite cities in the world? Paris? New York? A mixture? It's up to you.

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    Beautiful maps including city maps

    That fact that most of us love posters and prints of various kinds is hardly news to you - we all know it! It's fun to redecorate at home and add this type of interior decor, don't you agree? We find maps to be a lovely addition to any home interior and they are a popular choice amongst our customers.

    Why starting a big renovation project, including buying new furniture and more when you actually can spice it up at home by just adding some posters and prints? In our shop you'll find something that suits all tastes, such as posters and prints of the world map or city maps. It is easy to find motifs that match your personality and individual style, so we are pleased to inform you that you are more likely than not to find something here that appeals to the whole family!

    Dare being a bit bold with your home decorations

    When it comes to decorating our homes some of us are more adventurous than others. We are not saying it's a bad thing to be a little reserved, because that may just mean you prefer to go for the safe and more common options. Should you feel however, that you want to go a bit outside your comfort zone, well that's a different story.

    If you want to be a bit more adventurous compared to what you've been in the past, well then right now is a great opportunity, because you are in our store! We have posters for all tastes, adventurous or not! Our posters and prints with the world map and various city maps are fantastic, and we also have some other great offers for you!

    When you've found the most perfect poster for the right wall!

    It is such a thrill every time we find that perfect interior design item that elevates our home so well! What is so amazing is that it doesn't take much for this to occur. You often just have to add some small and inexpensive items to make a noticeable difference. It can be things like posters, prints, picture frames, pots, plants and so on. It may not sound sufficient to make a difference, but a few small things is often what it takes to change the ambience in a room to the better.

    We know that it is exactly the things we sell that can make a big difference, because we see it every day! Check out our inspirational photos with images of city maps, world maps or whatever it may be. Just click on the poster you are interested in and then see what it looks like when placed on a wall.

    Different styles in different rooms

    If you have many rooms in your home, you can buy a few different "themes", or styles. It's great because it means you get a wonderful atmosphere in your home. You may of course be particularly fond of something special, but why not go beyond what you usually would choose. For example, if you love pink and floral at home, then why not breaking off that style with a poster that has a slightly more "rough" impression, otherwise the interior can become way too romantic and vice versa.

    Some subjects fire up our imaginations or memories. We should really treasure these types of motifs. We should all have a room to just sit and relax and dream away and what could be better suited for such a room than a poster with a world map? It's wonderful to dream away to new exciting destinations in countries far away!

    If you happen to really like one of our posters and you would like to have it in your home, but perhaps it does not really match the rest of your interior, what do you do? Well we have only one tip and that is that you should buy it anyway! A home becomes so much more fun and personal if you dare to mix a little of everything. You have to trust your gut feeling rather than following the rules of some interior design magazines. When you care to trust your gut feeling, that's when your house becomes a real home!

    An exciting way to make your home feel welcoming!

    We love these posters with different city maps. Have you found one of your home town or where you currently live? Why not buy one of a city you would love to travel to next. Regardless, a city map is always an eye-catching feature and you will find that most of your friends and guests will end up in front of it and talk about where they have been or want to go!

    Many people find themselves moving to a completely new city when they start their university studies, for example. This city will always mean something special and what is better than having a city map poster of your university city in your home today? You will find yourself standing in front of it, daydreaming back to the many places you've visited in that city and all the fun you have had. The poster will give you a lift on so many occasions.

    The fact that these posters look really amazing is obviously not a negative. I find it pretty awesome that they look so great all while also representing wonderful memories.

    Should you frame it or not?

    So, what about framing it? Should you take the opportunity and buy a picture frame for it at the same time? Well, does it require a picture frame at all? Maybe you'll give the frame a miss although a picture frame is a great way of emphasising the posters. A picture frame is never wrong as it gives the impression that there is a little more thought behind the whole thing!

    One way to solve the matter regarding picture frames is to have some posters with and some without. Some posters look really great when they are framed while others are better without. It's just a matter of finding the right balance for this particular poster and then to go with your gut feeling!

    Awesome world maps or a city map of New York?

    Among our world maps you will find some versions with quotes such as "We are the world" or "You are my whole world". We obviously also have maps with no text if you so prefer, and you can choose between different amazing colours. For example, how about a world map in black, pink, green, gold or grey? For a playful effect, we have cool world maps where the shape of the countries are made up of the letters in their names.

    Is there a particular metropolitan city that you like? Is New York your favourite? Or are you after a city map of Stockholm, Paris, London, Rome or Copenhagen? In our store you will find stylish posters with motifs of several of the most popular cities in the world. Apart from being great wall decorations, they are also a wonderful source for daydreaming.