Children's pictures with playful subjects


Is it time to freshen up the children's room? Do you want a sweet poster? Maybe a poster with a slightly tougher print? We have all kinds of images, so you can find a suitable one for all children. Why not make a picture wall with posters in the children's room? It works just as well there as in other rooms.

Take a look at our selection together with the children and choose the posters that catch your attention – all you need to do is mix and match however you want..

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 130 products

    Cute posters and prints for the nursery

    When it comes to children's wall art, we often think of a wide range of fun and playful images! It is so easy to find posters for children, especially as you can have so such enjoyment choosing from our wide range. There's no way you wouldn't find wall art for the nursery, that's for sure!

    Lots of different motifs!

    Our children's wall art includes a huge selection of subjects, which you will see straight away. We have decided to offer the widest possible range of posters for all tastes. This is perfect for children to pique their curiosity and broaden their horizons. For some children, ballet is the thing, for others it's cars, while yet others like graphic animal prints, just to mention some examples. No matter what, you will find it here in our store!

    We believe it's a good idea to mix a little of everything when it comes to children's wall art, which is why we think a good starting point is to just pick the posters you like. It will look great in a nursery if you mix adorable posters and prints with some cooler looking prints. Also remember that it can look really awesome to combine various colours.

    Use an entire wall in the nursery for all your wall art!

    Why settle for just one or a few posters when you can let your creativity flow and buy heaps of them? There is no reason for that! It's really quite fun to be bold and let out your inner creativity and just let it flow!

    Being brave and daring is what you need to be when it comes to wall art for the nursery. Our kids fire our emotions and their motivation and inspiration can actually be really contagious! Think like your kids when you decorate the walls in their room - feel liberated and daring!

    Mixing several different types of children's wall art on the wall makes it much more interesting to look at. Really, you don't want it stylish and elegant in the nursery, right? Those styles are much better suited for other rooms, don't you agree? The cool thing with these cute children's posters is that they bring out our inner creativity, much more than we would when we decorate our living rooms, so it's a win-win!

    What does your child like?

    As mentioned above, the stylish and elegant interior style generally works much better outside than inside your child's room - and we stand by that! You don't often hear a child say that they like "stylish design", instead they like cars, dogs, cartoons, heroes and heroines and things that are more in line with their interests. That's reason enough isn't it, to let the kids interest also be represented in the prints that you decorate the walls in their rooms with.

    We have lots of wonderful wall art that works so well in your child's room! You will find graphic animal motifs, cute posters with thoughtful texts, adorable posters with owls, cars, princess crowns, unicorns and much more. As you can see, our assortment is wide and there will be a few motifs that suit your child very well, we can promise you that. Just get on with it and choose what appeals to you!

    You can obviously mix and match with other types of prints as well if you like. You can display wonderful art work in your child's room by mixing "grown up" motifs with those that are more child-oriented. In general, it's always great fun to mix and match freely. When things are overly matched according to the rule book it can easily become a little boring. This is true, not least when it comes to your children's rooms, so keep that in mind!

    Picture frames or not?

    Hmm, that's a big question ”to frame or not to frame”, how do we respond to that? It's a tricky question and not one that is easy to have a straight answer to. As we sell such a wide range of really wonderful picture frames we do think it's also worthwhile framing art work for children. It really does look amazing, but we can see the opposite view as well. Many of the children's posters and prints that we sell look really amazing in their own right.

    Whichever you choose, the motif will definitely stand out! We're saying so because all our posters and prints are really wonderful! If you choose to put them in a picture frame your reason may be that the frame gives the poster a more complete impression, so if that is what you are looking for, then a picture frame is a great choice. If you instead prefer to mount your children's prints without a picture frame, then that's the option you should go for.

    An idea is to start buying your posters and then, if you feel something's missing, you just come back to us and buy some suitable picture frames. Smart, hey?

    Many different sizes to choose from

    We think it looks gorgeous to have different sizes of children's art prints on the wall. If all prints are of the same size and mounted next to each other, it can look a bit boring.

    One suggestion is to buy a mix of many different sizes straight away. It's not unusual to like one particular print more than the others and when you have discovered which one is your favourite then you can order that one in a bigger size. And then you take it from there and do the same with the rest of the prints. Decide which ones look better in a smaller size and which stand out better in a larger size. And finally, you have some motifs that are best in a medium size.

    Motifs with messages

    Needless to say, we also sell children's art prints with various messages, if you are interested in those! Many of our posters intended for children have thoughtful messages, so make sure you don't miss those. It looks really awesome to have a poster with a thoughtful message hanging next to the baby's bed!

    Colour or black and white?

    Are colours a must for a nursery? Actually, there is no such thing as a must when it comes to decorating a child's room. Bring out your own playfulness and have the child joining you when you're decorating the room. Working with colour is of course invigorating and it brings out that wonderful sense we often notice in a child''s room, however, many people today choose a softer colour base in the room which allows them to then work with different colours in the furniture, accessories and other ornaments. Other people prefer a lot of colours throughout the entire room, and as I said - there is no such thing as right or wrong. You simply have to try and see what you think!

    Working with wall art in interior design is always exciting. Use multiple motifs to create a picture wall or hang a single piece of art next to other decorative details. A picture ledge where you place pieces of wall art, your favourite book and a small stuffed animal or a potted plant is a really gorgeous arrangement. Our range includes prints with children's motifs in both colour and black and white, allowing you to decorate your children's rooms exactly as you and your kids want them. Sometimes a black and white poster is the perfect choice while at other times it looks better with a splash of colour.

    Our posters are available in several different designs. We have a great variety of styles, sizes, colours, shapes and wisdom words. We feel confident that you will be inspired and find some wonderful motifs in our store regardless of the style you intend to create in your child's room. You will find cheerful motifs of owls in pleasant pastel colours or black and white, posters with motifs of princes and princesses, the playful abacus, images for the car-loving child or posters of cute animals. Many of these posters will, of course, look great in other parts of the home as well. Take a look around in our wonderful assortment of posters and prints for children and feel inspired!