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Do you like gold and silver in your decor? Then this is the place to be. We have lots of tasteful posters in gold and silver – everything so that you can find your exact favourites.

We have posters with text, stylish prints and more kitschy subjects. You can find something for all styles here. Take a look at our range below and choose the gold or silver poster that catches your interest.

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    Showing 14 products
    Showing 14 products

    Gold posters and silver prints

    We all know that trends come and go. That's true for gold and silver which are both popular at the moment. Gold and silver in home decor is highly sought after, which we have seen in terms of the success of our gold and silver posters, accessories and make up. We are really passionate about this trend, which you can see in our product range. Take a look, we already know that some of you will fall in love with what you see!

    Not just style spotting!

    We know that some people are afraid of following trends, being scared things will fall out of fashion and then having to change things again. We still think you should go for it if it is something you like! You should, without a doubt, buy our fashionable gold and silver prints and feel secure that they will decorate your home for years to come. Fads fade, but quality lasts. That's how you create magic in your home decor, isn't it?

    Another thing we want to highlight is that you should not be afraid to mix new with old when it comes to wall decorations. The same goes for different styles. We have lots of different types of posters and in our opinion they look fantastic together, the only thing required is to have a suitable room and the right combination of picture frames and prints.

    Buy posters with gold prints here from us and then see how nicely they match with other things you have at home. You will realise that a lot of things go really well with these prints and posters!

    It's smart to go for inexpensive home decoration

    Posters and other small ornaments are a simple and easy way to add a new twist to your home decor and freshen up your rooms. Quite often you only need to add or change a few little things to make it feel like a completely new space. Keep that in mind when you look around in our online shop.

    As you can see, we have quite a few gold and silver posters to choose from. It's always fun and practical when you find a couple of things you like in one place and that's exactly the type of store we are! You can definitely find a few things you like here. We promise you!

    Take the opportunity and buy a couple of our contemporary gold and silver prints. They will look gorgeous displayed together on a single wall. Or, you can hang our beautiful gold posters and silver posters across several different walls or rooms, for added impact. No matter what you decide to do in terms of hanging these posters, they will look stunning and add a splash of style to any space.

    Different styles with gold and silver

    Although they are both precious metals, gold or silver prints bring a different style or feel to a decor. Some of us adore gold while others are passionate for silver. Whichever you choose you'll introduce a little extra sparkle to your home.

    Although the styles are slightly different, both will bring a modern touch to the home. Our prints are both fun and stylish at the same time and that is exactly what you are looking for!

    If you typically would choose silver, then you should definitely try gold this time, or vice versa. Dare to try something new! Another cool tip we'd like to share is to frame a silver poster in one of our gold picture frames and a gold poster in one of our silver frames.

    Try something new

    Are you a person who mostly plays the safe card when it comes to interior design? There is no harm in relying on the classics or your favourites, but maybe you would like to add a fresh twist to your choices? If so, we recommend you start with some small touches, such as varying your choices of posters, prints and picture frames. We offer a very wide range of these, so feel free to browse our selection and see what catches your eye!

    Once you have found your favourite posters and prints it's time to sit back, relax and wait until they arrive at your doorstep! Remember to allow some extra space around what you buy. This way, you can more easily add other new decorations around the new posters. We often feel inspired to add a few more things when we have introduced something new at home. A smart tip from us to you!

    Decorate all your rooms with cool motifs!

    Sometimes we forget certain parts of our home and quite often this is the walls. We often pay more attention to one or two rooms while we completely ignore others. That's no good and it shouldn't be that way!

    Instead of just focusing on the living room, bedroom and so on, we think you should start thinking about putting up some nice prints and posters in the bathroom (you can hang posters without having to make holes in the tiles and walls), on the wall in the stairs and so on. Even smaller rooms will benefit from some extra love. Take a broader view of your home decor, and with our posters you can really freshen up your living space.

    Add a beautiful picture frame

    You may want to complement your poster with a subtle picture frame or create your own silver or gold picture - it's of course entirely up to you. The main thing is that the picture frame and the motif go well together. Therefore, it is best to choose either a black or a silver picture frame for a silver motif and a black or gold picture frame for a gold -coloured image. You should always match the motif with the picture frame first and before you start thinking about what interior style it will suit. This is because it's highly likely there is at least one place in the home where the picture will look great, while the poster and the picture frame are mounted together and are not that easily changed.

    We have both matte silver and gold prints, photo prints and also some that have a glossy finish. Which are you going for? It depends on what impression you want your print to create. A matte print radiates simplicity and is often matched with other objects in matte gold or silver. The photo prints capture the lustre of the precious metal in a natural way, while the more brighter ones evoke a touch of luxury. The glossy prints are silver or gold foiled, which means the surface of the poster has an exclusive texture that almost feels three dimensional.

    Do you have any questions regarding our gold and silver posters? Don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer services team! We care about our customers and we love to offer the personal touch to ensure you feel happy with your purchase.