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Are you interested in fashion, trends and design? Then our fashion posters are just right for you. We have a variety of different prints with all possible themes such as shoes, clothes, "Vogue" and so on. We have posters with pictures and with text, so that you can choose freely what you want.

If you want a fashion statement on your wall, one our posters with text is a good choice. If you would rather have a beautiful picture, you can choose that. It's fine to mix things up, but the posters also work well alone on the wall. It's up to you.

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    Showing 15 products

    Fashion posters

    Are you a fashionista or do you simply like to follow fashion trends? You are in the right place! This is our category of posters for anyone who likes fashion and fashion trends! Our fashion and style posters, or whatever you want to call them, come in a range of great looking awesome prints. You will be inspired to head out to the shops and find something that's just been featured on the latest catwalk. Can it get any better?!

    Here you will find everything from famous quotes, images of perfume bottles, posters of famous haute couture and everything else that brings one's thoughts to fashionistas! The best thing is that this is a double whammy source of inspiration. On the one hand, you may be inspired to go fashion shopping, and on the other hand, the trends in the stores may inspire you to decorate you home with a couple of gorgeous fashion pictures. A winning concept, no matter what way you look at it!

    One theme, many styles

    You are bound to find a favourite poster in our wide range of fashion posters. There is great variety in our range, still you'll see that they all have a common theme. That theme is fashion and today fashion comes in many styles, much more than it used to.

    Today, everyone can wear fashionable clothes, regardless of one's financial situation, and that's what we want to offer when it comes to our posters as well! They come at different pricing points, which makes it easy for all to find a product, or products, at their specific price level. We are proud to be able to offer this, because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to decorate their home the way they like it, just the same way as everyone should be able to choose their own fashion style.

    Different people have different opinions of what "fashion" is and what they think is "trendy". Each season brings us several different trends and it's up to each and everyone to follow the trend that appeals the most to them. Some may focus on colours, while others focus on designs and so on. That's also the reason why we have something for everyone. Although you like different styles, you all like fashion.

    So much to choose from…

    Much like the quote "So Many Shoes And Only Two Feet", there is a lot to choose from in our range. To say the least, we are very proud of our wide range. We know that some of you have certain tastes while others have different preferences, and we have something for everyone.

    So, if you like more than one of something, do you have to choose only one? The answer is no! Apart from being gorgeous looking, our products are also highly affordable! Spend some time browsing our assortment in detail. Be inspired and add items to your shopping cart. It is so much more fun when you can shop from the same source and get it all delivered in the same package. Although good things come to those who wait.... why wait if you don't have to?

    A great tip that we are happy to share is that it works perfectly fine to arrange different posters together. What does that mean then? Well, it means that if you find a couple of different fashion posters that you like, then they are also likely to look great together. It looks absolutely cool to put a poster with a big red mouth next to a poster with a black and white dress. Or something along those lines.... you get the gist of it!

    Be bold and mix all sorts of things you like, rather than just picking one colour or one style. Everything gets so much more interesting when you experiment. It allows you to put your personal touch to things and your place will feel so much more homey doing it that way!

    Affordable and trendy

    As mentioned, the posters we offer are both affordable and trendy. We love that we can offer this combo, 'cause we all want products that are both trendy and affordable, don't we?! It's both easy, quick, inexpensive and fun to freshen up one's home with our products. Adding several cool posters, picture frames and more will lift the ambience of your home in an instance.

    Is putting up a few posters all you really need to do to freshen up your home? Yes, it is - and it's affordable! It may not seem like it will make a significant difference, but it does! You have probably added a new plant or bought new curtains at some point, and realised that it made a big difference and boosted the atmosphere in the room, right? The same goes for posters.

    So, we can offer you fast and affordable perking up of your home, and we do so by letting you choose from the latest trends!

    How will it look on the wall?

    By clicking on a poster in our store, you can instantly see what it looks like hung on a wall. This is a great way of visualising what it will look like on a wall at home, so try it out. It can otherwise be hard to imagine how things will look on a wall at home. So take some inspiration from our ideas and you will get a good feel for how a poster will add to the feel of your home environment.

    The real question is: why would a poster with a quote such as "I swear on my Chanel" not suit a home? Well, as for us, we can't think of a home that would look less charming with a poster with such a quote!

    We have heaps of fashion prints and prints with famous quotes. Although many of us love fashion posters we may not all like exactly the same things. That's why we have a wide range to choose from, and we know that we have something to suit every style!

    Perk up the wall with a Prada or Chanel picture!

    Both small and significant things alike, can bring us joy. If you know that a luxurious perfume or a pair of brand new shoes will boost your spirit, then our posters with fashion motifs will be just perfect for you! The posters find inspiration from the world of fashion and design and express tribute to shopping, fashion design, famous brands and personal style. 

    Complete the poster with a beautiful black picture frame or a glamorous gold version. Most of our fashion posters and picture frames come in a variety of sizes and price points, so they will certainly be within your budget even if you have just splashed out on a new dress or jacket. Happy shopping!

    Some people mistake brand shoppers for shallow minded people. Just ignore that. If you feel great when you award yourself with a nice bag or a pair of shoes, then that's it. Our assortment of fashion posters holds a range of stylish and quick-witted motifs - perfectly suitable for a proud shopaholic. Wouldn't you love it to decorate a wall with quotes like "I swear on my Chanel", "Prada Marfa", "I need more shoes" or "More issues than Vogue"? Or do you rather like a gorgeous print with Coco Chanel motifs or one with bright red lips?

    A poster that oozes happy shopping will obviously look fantastic in a sparkling golden picture frame! If you prefer a less loud style and want all the attention on the motif then you should go for a black, thin picture frame. You can either put your new poster in a small picture frame with a stand on your desk at work or blast it in a large format on the wall at home. Why not hang two or more together above your sofa or bed?

    Picture wall – Mix black and white with colour

    A hot tip is to create an entire picture wall where you mix black and white motifs with a splash of colour here and there. Keep in mind that the picture frames should come from the same collection and preferably be in the same colour for a nice holistic impression.  Is one of your friends a mad shopaholic? Then one of our fashion posters is guaranteed to be a perfect gift! Frame it in a stylish picture frame and wrap it in luxurious wrapping paper and finish off with a stylish bow!

    Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service team! We care about our customers and we are here to provide the personal service you need to be happy with your purchase.